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Jonathan Lewis: Writing Optimal SQL

The office sprung for a bunch of us to attend Jonathan Lewis's "Writing Optimal SQL" seminar, put on by the nice folks at NEOOUG (that'd be the Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group, for those playing acronym bingo at home), so I had a nice and brain-meltingly interesting Friday away from the office. Lewis really impressed me as a speaker, weaving deep and potentially lethally sleep-inducing concepts in with real-world horror stories, pithy remarks, good cheer, and a charming sense of humor that made eight hours of database guts and gore seem like a good time. Thankfully, we all received copies of the slides, so I will have something besides my half-dazed chicken-scratch notes to spur my memory. Lewis described many problem scenarios that were uncannily similar to design mistakes that we've made--some of mine in particular (I don't pretend to be a database guru, just a humble Python developer)--and I was quite excited to be turned on to so many new ideas for potential solutions to real problems that we've been wrestling with. There are a number of very useful gems, like how to coax Oracle into executing your subqueries first rather than last, as well as a number of undocumented hints that are very promising. I suspect I may have to start keeping tabs on his blog as well...

On the swag front, I scored a free copy of his book, Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals (signed!), a T-shirt ("Save the Database, Save the World"), and a lovely rubber ball which strobes red and blue LEDs when bounced (ooo, shiny!). One of my co-workers won a chair.

The weather was fantastic, so once the event wrapped up, we had a nice walk through my old north-side CWRU stomping grounds and had a few rounds at the Barking Spider (which, oddly, I'd never actually visited while I was a student, being underage the entire time I lived on campus).

All in all, a great way to finish out the week. Hooray for boondoggles! :-)

After work last night, Liz and I popped over to Mitchell's Fish Market to join in the farewell party for a friend of ours (Michelle, with whom we recently lunched while visiting New Jersey) who's been a regular in our little wine group. Never in a million years would I have expected the collected party-goers and well-wishers to include Jen Watson, a friend of mine from CWRU days that I hadn't seen or heard from in six and a half years. It turns out I've been drinking wine and talking about books for months with her step-mom, who's part of the wine group! Despite being stunned by the shocking randomness of it all, we had a lovely conversation and enjoyed the chance to catch up.


Received this via email this morning...Collapse )

So much for the umpteen million promises that alumni could keep their email addresses for life (for forwarding purposes, etc.). Thanks, Case, I'll remember this the next time you come sucking up to me for money. Biatches.


Once More Unto the Breach

Welcome back, sports fans! Having slept for a few hours and enjoyed a tasty dinner, I've tucked the wife into bed and returned to the office to run some programs through the night, to be followed by a day of monitoring the health of the server farm. I hope to be able to crash for a few hours at some point between the bits I have to do in the next couple of hours and when my real shift begins at 0800, but we'll have to see how that turns out.

I brought my lion slippers, in case anyone remembers them from CWRU days of yore. :-)


Another New Arrival

Welcome to oogby, a friend and colleague of mine from CWRU days. How's it going, Brian?


One of us, one of us...

Mad props to old-skool CWRU studs mokatz, for turning me on to livejournal, and sam16, for the invite code (preciousssssss...). Shout-outs to gieves too. (Hi!)

So now I have a nifty-swifty journal thing, and no time to do anything with it (packing tonight, in meetings all day tomorrow, out of town all weekend). What a great addition to the hypothetical community.

At least now I can stop posting anonymously. Woo!!

More to come. Really.
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