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  • 09:05 Kiddo's got a fever and her breathing sounds bad when she's horizontal. Poor thing. :-( Today will probably be the opposite of yesterday.
  • 20:13 Embarking on the ever-more-ridiculously epic annual health insurance benefits enrollment process. We are a nation of friggin' busywork.
  • 20:35 Really? You're asking if my 2-year-old is being treated for *pregnancy*? American health insurance is soooo full of fail.
  • 20:38 WebMD's health cost evaluator is the single most STUPID PIECE OF CRAP ever.
  • 20:41 I'm seriously being asked to pick a health care plan without ANY details about what they cover? "Compare plans" = see 3 bar graphs? LIVID.
  • 20:49 @holdenweb What really offends me is that in the past we've at least been told some details about what the plans cover. Not so this time.
  • 21:12 WTF, chasehsa.com--is a user signup really that hard? Who do I have to fuck to check my HSA balance?
  • 00:27 What kind of world do these health benefit people live in where their websites don't actually have to work? (I bet the hours are better...)
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